Student Testimonials

Excellent. Amazing, inspirational teaching.. It completely transformed the way I approach my music. Kevin's euthusiasm and knowledge really helped me to apply what I learned. Thank you Kevin

Harry (UK)

I have got the goosebumps. Best teacher ever, amazing learning experience and source of great inspiration. Many of your advices inspired me to continue education in the field of Interactive Media Design, and still today I benefit from your learning. Again thank you, I am really happy and privileged to have been your student.

Camillo (Italy)

Kevin is an amazing teacher.

Mike (USA)

Before I was stuck for days while doing a track and I couldn't find the right notes to play. Now every track idea I have comes so easily. I am very glad you are my tutor.

Emanuel (Spain)

He has really helped me develop by using a unique and tailored teaching method which helped me get a clearer vision of what I can achieve with music

Ashley (Australia)

Kevin is a thorough professional that can break huge topics down to bite size portions that are consumable. It was great!

Ultan (UK)

I would struggle to put into words how good Kevin was. Honestly he was amazing. He was clear and concise in his teachings, he was supportive, considerate, obliging.. he genuinely cares 100% about his role and responsibility as a teacher which really went a long way in helping me learn. Big up Kevin!!

Ben (Spain)

Kevin was fantastic. He was very supportive and explained things extremely clearly. I really enjoyed working with Kevin. Thanks!"

Will C (USA)

fantastic! so much info! Kevin is the best! I loved being his student

Vitor (Portugal)

I absolutely loved this class! Kevin is superb and caring instructor, his level of skill with music is simply amazing. thank you so much!

Barry (USA)

Excellent. I learned a lot and the tutor Kevin was brilliant

Trevor (UK)

Kevin is amazing, I learned a lot with him

Kristiyan (Spain)

I cannot say enough positive things about Kevin Kerrigan. Truly a master of his craft, yet so personal. You can tell how much he cares about each students progress, and provides specific information to help them along the way. A++++++ times a million!

Mandi (USA)

Thanks KK! Great course! Your slightly different perspective on everything made it even better and easier to understand!

Jonas (Germany)

Kevin was a great teacher who shared priceless knowledge. Loved it!

Alan (UK)

The tutor was fantastic. Kevin knows what he is talking about, has loads of experience and passed on all that

Pedro (Portugal)

I really enjoyed the interaction with Kevin, he has done a great job

Eric (Netherlands)

Kevin is a great tutor couldn't ask for anything more, thanks

Alex (Australia)

"Really impressed with the amount of information covered. Kevin is a great tutor, very encouraging and always answered questions and inspires you to do well. Thanks!

Estelle (UK)

Loved the course. Kevin is an absolutely fantastic tutor

Emily (Canada)

Kevin is a great instructor and producer, his techniques are effective and he is very knowledgable on this whole subject

Jackson (USA)

Excellent. Instructor was the best, when help was needed and asking questions he was always there to help. 10/10 for Kevin

Brandon (Malta)

Your courses are always great Kevin. Thanks a lot!

Danilo (Brazil)

Thanks for everything Kevin. Got way more than expected. hope to one day credit you for any success I may have

Sam (USA)

Tutor was amazing, learning experience with him was far better, congrats to Kevin!

Miguel (USA)